District Plans

Erie 1 BOCES believes in providing the public with information about our operations. Especially those operations in which we break down the silos and work across divisions to provide the best possible service for our students, schools, communities and staff.  Below are three board-approved plans that are district-wide.

Shared Decision Making Plan
Every instructional division at Erie 1 BOCES shall have a means to evaluate the effectiveness of its program. The means and standards which all parties shall evaluate improvement in student achievement will be measured by, but are not limited to the details enclosed in the document below.

Annual Professional Performance Review

For information about the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score based on the annual professional performance review (APPR),contact Erie 1 BOCES at 716-821-7006.

Professional Development Plan

Technology Plan
Each school district or BOCES applying for Erate funding must complete and post a comprehensive technology plan. The link below is for the current plan submitted for the period of 2012 - 2015 for Erie 1 BOCES programs.