Health, Safety & Risk Management
The Safety Risk staff train thousands of school employees in AED/CPR.
Many buildings and grounds personnel are trained for a Pool Operator Certification.
Health, Safety & Risk Management is a NYSDOH provider of asbestos initial and refresher training courses. Additionally, certified staff conduct AHERA reinspections and periodic surveillances, asbestos sampling, LEA and Employee Asbestos Awareness training, as well as manage district Asbestos Plans.
This Fall, over 50 bus drivers and monitors from Western New York were trained in 10-hour and 30-hour bus driver and monitor training classes.
As a New York State certified radon laboratory, our team has conducted sampling and analysis programs in 25 Western New York school districts to meet NYSED requirements for screening facilities for radon gas.
Health, Safety and Risk Management has extensive experience with Project SAVE assisting schools with building level safety plans, safety audits, tabletop exercises, lockdown drills, shelter-in- place drills and evacuation drills.
Health, Safety and Risk Management is certified to perform AHERA triennial reinspections, NYSED required annual visual inspections, science laboratory safety inspections, automated external defibrillator inspections, safety audits, pre fire and fire inspections, and playground inspections.
Health, Safety and Risk Management provides programs and plans to meet a district’s regulatory compliance as required by NYSED, NYSDOL, NYSDEC, NYSDOH, USEPA, USCPSC and NFPA.
Ergonomics has become an important factor in reducing injury rates and supporting injury prevention initiatives in the workplace.  Our specialists perform ergonomic analyses to improve workplace health and safety.
The physical environment of school buildings and grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students, staff, and visitors.  Our specialists can perform environmental assessments and testing of schools.
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Senior Coordinator
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Kevin Burd
Senior Safety Analyst
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Senior Safety Analyst
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Senior Safety Analyst
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