IBM Notes Services

IBM® Notes® and Domino® provides a robust email, collaboration, document management, and application platform for your organization. Our service supports Notes email, Domino applications, document libraries, includes spam filtering for all mailboxes, and a Regional Directory. Email servers can be in-district or hosted at the WNYRIC.

IBM (Lotus) Notes is a full service, email platform. Domino provides an application platform that can run Domino applications and serve document libraries. Districts utilize everything from technical service request (USC) to welcome pages to AUP documentation on Domino. Ask us for more ideas on how to get the most out of IBM Domino.

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The WNYRIC supports both in-district deployment and hosting by the RIC.

  1. District LAN, WNYRIC connectivity
  2. Virtual or physical server(s), either in-district or hosted by WNYRIC
  3. District-owned email domain (i.e.:
  4. Encryption certificate(s)
  1. Provide district staff to plan implementation and determine the district’s authorization of users for accounts
  2. Name a district primary and secondary contact for service
  3. Promptly notify Email Services Team of a change in contact person
  4. Maintain email accounts for district (adds/deletes/changes)
  5. Schedule server install/setup and technical training (if server is in-district)
  6. Ensure functional backup/restore of in-district email servers, including backup and restore procedures
  7. Monitor server as trained, including mailbox maintenance
  8. Purchase and provide email domain(s) for server (e.g.:
  9. Purchase and provide encryption certificate(s) as required
  10. Maintain anti-virus and back-up software and schedules
  11. Support district staff (end users) for client and web access
  12. Contact WNYRIC Service Desk for technical support
  13. Promptly report any system difficulties or problems to the WNYRIC to maintain quality service
  14. Provide access to Domino Administration for support purposes
  15. Properly identify accounts for billing and other administrative uses
  16. Provide accurate counts of mailboxes for license compliance and service support
  17. Obtain anti-virus software compatible with IBM Notes and Domino, if desired
  1. Schedule and facilitate planning as district requests
  2. Configure and setup Domino server(s)
  3. Test the deployed email server environment
  4. Train district system administrator on basics, including backup and restore procedures
  5. Provide training and documentation for both end users and system administrators upon request
  6. Provide support by phone, email, and screen sharing for both technical and application issues
  7. Work with vendor for support if needed
  8. Update WNYRIC website with service information and documentation
  9. Provide spam filtering for Notes solution
  10. Provide Regional Directory, if desired
  11. Perform Domino updates/upgrades for new releases, once per year
  12. Troubleshoot server issues
  13. Assist with imports and other related tasks as requested
  14. User restores, upon request
  15. Support of district email administrator

The WNYRIC utilizes cost effective best practices determined by research that allows our experienced and trained technical staff to perform robust testing and support of the WNYRIC network in the areas of security, infrastructure, energy management, virtualization strategies, disaster recovery and business continuity. Therefore, we are able to be a district advocate for vendor contract issues and aggressively negotiate contract pricing and performance terms.

Staff follows best practices in order to provide necessary security as it relates to the most recent student, teacher and principal data security and privacy regulations.

Service Desk can be reached Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. by calling (716) 821-7171, 1-800-872-0780, by email at, or via live chat by clicking here. A representative will be available from 4:30 p.m. through 11:00 p.m. to assist you with calls regarding emergency situations. During all other hours and holidays, a caller will receive important information regarding coverage.


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