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Zoo/E1B Aidable Collaboration Package:$745

  • Full day Teacher preparation visit @ Zoo w E1B/Zoo staff
  • Full day Teacher/Student project preparation visit @ respective CSLO districts with E1B staff - use a CSLO Instructional Technology day
  • Full day Teacher/Student learning visit @ Zoo with E1B/Zoo staff -to book Zoo visit date: please call Tiffany Vanderwerf @ 716-995-6138
  • Full day Project follow-up visit @ respective CSLO districts w/E1B staff - use aCSLO Instructional Technology day

District must book own transportation

E1B will bill your business office for costs in our Exploratory Enrichment service
Program Options



Animal Safari

Suggested grade levels: K-2

By using basic math concepts such as counting, adding, subtracting, ordering, sorting, comparing, and measuring with non-standard units, students will take a fun trek through the Zoo to find key exhibits and gather data about the animals.  Data will be gathered, analyzed, and reported using simple technologies.


Evolution: Beyond Darwin’s Voyage

Suggested grade levels:  7-12

Students will be immersed in an interactive exploration of evolution by natural selection by using the Zoo as a microcosm of all species on earth.  They will discover new adaptations and gather information on Zoo grounds using digital media in order to let the “outside world” know of their amazing observations.


Zoo Math: A Day in the Life of a Zoo Keeper

Suggested grade levels:  3-5

Zoo keepers and veterinarians use math every day to care for exotic animals.  In this program, students have the opportunity to use the Zoo to practice math skills and digitally record their discoveries while learning the ins and outs of animal care.  Activities feature measurements involving mass, volume, temperature and space.


Deadly Chemistry: Venoms and Poisons

Suggested grade levels:  9-12

Students will investigate, digitally record, and report about the fascinating and dangerous chemical adaptations of some of the world’s most interesting animals.  Along the way, they will increase their knowledge of nomenclature, organic chemistry, chemical structures and functional groups as these concepts relate to organisms and their habitats.


Zoo Biomes

Suggested grade levels:  4-8

Through an examination of specific biomes and related Zoo exhibits, students will become biome experts as they gather data, interview zoo experts, take photos and shoot video for use in a computer-based biome project.