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Files continue to be updated by NYSED. All orders will be filled with the file that is available at the time your order is received and processed.
Module Pricing Info
MATH Grade 5 Common Core Pricing.pdfMATH Grade 3 Common Core Pricing.pdfErie 1 BOCES will be printing the Common Core module materials, as shared on The pricing and printing details are listed below.
 ELA  Math
 Pre-K Materials  Pre-K Materials
 Kindergarten Materials  Kindergarten Materials
 Grade 1 Materials
 Grade 1 Materials
 Grade 3-5 Appendices  Grade 2 Materials
 Grade 2 Modules   Grade 3 Materials
 Grade 3 Modules   Grade 4 Materials
 Grade 4 Modules   Grade 5 Materials
 Grade 5 Modules   Grade 6 Materials
 Grade 6 Modules   Grade 7 Materials
 Grade 7 Modules   Grade 8 Materials
 Grade 8 Modules 

 Grade 9 Algebra 1

 Grade 9 Modules
 Grade 10 Geometry
 Grade 10 Modules
 Grade 11 Algebra 2
 Grade 11 Modules
 Grade 12 Pre Calculus
 Grade 12 Modules

Which Aid?  

Public Schools: Please use the forms above to place your order. Please also be sure to note and separate your order by "text book aid" or regular "BOCES aid" printing (see explanation is below).

 Example Order 1  Example Order 2
  • Complete the order forms 
  • Submit saying: "Use Text Book Aid"                
  • Complete the order forms
  • Submit saying: "Use BOCES Aid"                

If you are interested in our print shop printing the modules or have any questions, please contact Kim Borden ( or 821-7105) in the print shop.  He will be able to assist you.

Textbook Aid?
The State Education Department has received numerous inquiries from school districts wishing to download and use the NYS Common Core ELA/Literacy and Mathematics curriculum modules posted online at and apply State Textbook Aid towards the cost of reproducing the materials for classroom use.

Districts that choose to reproduce the New York State Common Core ELA/Literacy and Mathematics curriculum modules may claim the expenditures for reproduction for State Textbook Aid. The reproduced materials must be for use as a textbook. Any Textbook Aid generated as a result of these expenses will be a part of the district’s maximum allotment, not in addition to the district’s maximum allotment.

Questions regarding the NYS Common Core curriculum modules may be addressed to Mary Cahill at Questions regarding Textbook Aid may be addressed to the State Aid Unit at 518-474-2977 (online at"

Our printing services are eligible for BOCES Aid. The aid formula for Erie 1 BOCES' component districts range from 62 to 82 percent.

In the case of Common Core materials,  a public school district cannot use Text Book Aid and BOCES Aid at the same time. It is one or the other.
Your district's finance office should have a process in place internally for processing Text Book Aid. With the finance office approval, we'll print your materials and process them under a "non-BOCES aidable" expense line so that your business office can process it under their text book funding.

We need to know this designation at the time you place your print order. So please note that you are electing for text book (or non-BOCES aidable) printing at the time you place your order.

If it is not identified, we will process your order under the standard BOCES-aid.

Of course, should you need items printed that are not eligible for Text Book aid, just let us know and we can will still print them under the BOCES-aidable code.

If we can serve you better, or help you further with this function, please give us a call and we will do our best to meet your changing needs.
Non-Public Schools
Textbook Loan
Non-public schools recieve a textbook, or limited funding for a textbook, for a child of a certain district. According to the state, a "textbook is any book or book substitute which a pupil is required to use as a text or a text substitute in a particular class or program as a primary source of study material intended to implement a major part of a State or local curriculum."

Examples of materials that they state says does not satisfy the definition of textbooks under the textbook loan program and may not be claimed for Textbook Aid are:

  • tests and testing materials
  • teachers' editions of textbooks
  • review books
  • materials in kit form
Please see the links provided above to the see the full guidelines provided by SED.

You may place your orders for students via the Textbook Loan service.

Non-public and charter schools cannot submit for BOCES Aid. But, non-public/charter schools can use BOCES services. That includes printing of materials such as teacher editions of common core materials.  You may contact the Print Shop directly for anything that does not fall under the Textbook Loan service.