The Western Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center (RSE-TASC), at Erie 1 BOCES is part of a statewide professional development network for special education that is coordinated by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Its charge is to provide staff development, technical assistance and information to faculty, staff, administrators, families and community agencies within the component school districts of WNY, including the Erie 1 BOCES region.

RSE-TASC provides staff development and support to the school districts identified by NYSED through participation in a quality improvement process. An additional responsibility of RSE-TASC is to provide technical assistance related to the State Performance Plan (SPP). The SPP is a federally required plan utilizing rigorous performance targets to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. The Regional Special Education Technical Assistance and Support Center, as a technical assistance network for special education is configured in two parts:
  • Part 1 provides regional support and is located at Erie 1 BOCES. The regional office houses the coordinator and five regional trainers who provide support specific to special education regulations, bilingual issues, behavior, transition and non-district educational agencies.


  • Part 2 is specific to each of the BOCES regions of WNY, including Erie 1, Erie 2- Chautauqua-Cattaraugus, Orleans-Niagara, Cattaraugus-Allegheny, and the city of Buffalo. Each Part 2 office has Special Education School Improvement Specialists (SESIS), whose role is to provide assistance to districts within the BOCES region designated as At-Risk, In Need of Assistance or In Need of Intervention. Work in these districts provided by the SESIS will focus on the Quality Improvement Process (QIP)


  • Part 3


























The RSE-TASC office provides training on a wide variety of topics related to students with disabilities from pre-school to adulthood, with particular focus on student achievement and compliance with regulations pertaining to students with disabilities. RSE-TASC also maintains a print and video library, including publications from the State Education Department. Publications and mandatory documents may also be accessed at 



Meet Our Team

Regional Coordinator

Susan Locke-Scott
(716) 821-7540                     
The Regional Coordinator has leadership responsibilities for the RSE- TASC and directs the work and provides support to the regional specialists and the SESIS’s to carry out the work of the RSE TASC. The Regional Coordinator is responsible for regional planning and coordination of the work of the RSE TASC within each BOCES region and city of Buffalo.

 Behavior Specialist

Pearl Bowker
 (716) 821-7623

Christopher Morse
 (716) 821-7508

Megan King

The Behavior Specialists provides support for districts that are implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and to districts identified for over representation of students with disabilities for suspension from school. Regional training is also offered by the Behavior Specialist on topics related to behavior management and suspension issues.
Non-District Specialist

Cherie Wilkolaski
(716) 821-7547
The Non-District Specialist provides regional training and supports to private schools in the region and assists selected private schools to make research based improvements in the instructional and behavioral programs for students with disabilities, focusing on the areas of literacy, behavioral supports and specially-designed instructional practices.
Regional Special Education Training Specialist

MaryAnn White
(716) 821-7507

Alison Parzych
(716) 821-7527
The Regional Special Education Training Specialist provides training and technical assistance to school personnel and parents regarding the provision of special education, consistent with federal and state law, regulations and policy. The regional workshops focus on a variety of topics related to the CPSE/CSE Process, development and implementation of the IEP, provision of services for students with disabilities and administrative procedures and responsibilities related to the CPSE/CSE Committee Chairperson.
Transition Specialist

Lisa Dearlove
(716) 821-7521

Elizabeth Loughran-Amorese
(716) 821-7518

The Transition Specialists provides technical assistance to districts to develop and improve quality transition programs. Quality transition programming leads to an increase in graduation rate, decrease in drop-out rate, increase in family involvement, and improved post-school outcomes for students. Technical assistance includes, but is not limited to, documenting transition planning in the IEP, improving program structure, increasing interagency and interdisciplinary collaboration, engaging families in transition planning, as well as student participation in the development and implementation of transition plans.

Special Education School Improvement Specialists (SESIS)

Jose Flores
(716) 821-7522


Elizabeth Bittar
(716) 821-7506
The SESIS’, in collaboration with the regional trainers, will provide trainings, workshops, coaching, facilitation of meetings and teams, analysis of data, observations, and other in-district services.
  Senior Clerk Typist for BOND and RSE-TASC

Sue Ann Coburn
(716) 821-7542
Support Staff for RSE-TASC Office.

Clerk Typist for RSE-TASC

Barbara Bockhahn
(716) 821-7544

Senior Account Clerk for RSE-TASC

Jean O'Leary
 (716) 821-7543

Support Staff for RSE-TASC Office.

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