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Data Readiness News
NYS School Report Card Release for 2015-16 - The following memo was sent to Public and Charter School DDC's by Maggie Maloney, Data Warehouse Coordinator, on November 14th, 2016. To all public school and charter school district data... Read More...
Public School Districts and BOCES DDC's Info about 4-8 Teacher Growth Scores - The following email was sent to WNYRIC DDC / CIO and DW Liaisons & Trainers on 8-26-2015 from Maggie Maloney. To public school and BOCES district data coordinators: We've received... Read More...
Memo Regents Exam Alg II Common Core (Beth Berlin) - The following NYSED email was sent to WNYRIC DDC / CIO and DW Liaisons & Trainers on 8-25-2015 from Karen Halbert, Test Scoring. Please see the attached NYSED memo from Beth Berlin... Read More...
2014-15 Links to Testing Schedules - The following email was sent out to All District and BOCES Data Coordinators on January 2, 2014 by Dennis Atkinson. To all Public School Districts and Charter Schools: Ken Wagner sent the... Read More...
Data Security Information

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Data Warehouse Services

When it comes to making data ready and accessible, WNYRIC offers a full array of data warehouse services.  Using e-Scholar software and NYSED data cleansing software, WNYRIC collects data from multiple sources including student management systems, HR/Financial systems and WNYRIC's Test Scoring software. WNYRIC houses this data in a regional data warehouse and makes it available to NYSED on behalf of districts and schools per documented NYSED deadlines.

WNYRIC uses various Cognos software tools to develop and publish a wide range of reports on our WNYRIC Dataview Portal (dataview.wnyric.org). These reports allow authorized users access to district data for analysis purposes. Our popular analytical assessment reports called cubes are used to gauge student progress against district goals, regional benchmarks and NYSED metrics. Knowledgeable support personnel are available to assist users with the offering of reports in our Data Warehouse or to analyze requirements to meet new reporting needs. Various arrangements for Data Warehouse training are also available.

For NYSED verification reporting, WNYRIC acts as a hosting site using the WNYRIC Dataview Portal. Our Data Warehouse support team acts as the first point of contact for guidance  and support for NYSED data collection and reporting activities.

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Support Place
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Contact the Data Warehouse Support Team

To ensure your request for assistance is answered in a timely manner please e-mail our team at dataview@e1b.org

Data Warehouse Fax (716) 821-7432

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    Test Scoring/Scanning Services
    The Test Scoring/Scanning service accommodates the scoring and scanning of NYS elementary, intermediate, and Regents assessments. The Test Scoring service includes the pre-printing of answer sheets and in some cases the printing of student labels for test booklets. Once the answer sheets have been scanned, the student scores are then submitted to the Regional Data Warehouse and forwarded to NYSED. The Test Scoring service provides item response data for the Data Warehouse with item analysis, gap analysis, and distractor analysis capabilities. The Test Scoring/Scanning service also offers a service which allows district to scan Regents and Science 4 & 8 assessments in the district rather than at the WNYRIC. If this service is chosen, districts have access to the testscore.wnyric.org website and can view preliminary reports. Exports are available from this website for direct loading into a student management system, thereby eliminating assessment score discrepancies in the Regional Data Warehouse. The Test Scoring/Scanning department also provides a service where districts can purchase the In District Scan software Design Module, design their own local assessments, pre-print, scan and view reports. This service is called the Teacher Designed Assessment Solution.

    See more details in the

    Service Directory

    Support Place
    - Documents for Test Scoring

    Contact the Test Scoring Support Team

    To ensure your request for assistance is answered in a timely manner please e-mail our team at testscoring@e1b.org

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    Data Driven Instruction
    Data Driven Instruction is more than just a set of procedures for looking at data and making decisions about instruction. It is a collaborative culture where practitioners are continuously reflecting on the impact and effectiveness of instructional practice on student assessments.

    Contact your local BOCES for more Information...Erie 1 BOCES Component Districts Click "Data Driven Instruction" to learn more.