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Improving information flow within a school community via online, print, design, video, media relations and more.


Supports component districts with cooperative purchases, BOCES state aid filing, equipment financing, and other financial reporting documents.

(alt="")Human Resources

Provides an automated call-in service to secure substitute staff and hosts a NYS Regional Certification Office.

(alt="")Labor Relations & Policy 

Delivers advice and assistance with labor, personnel and student relations matters. In addition, researches and drafts school policy documents.

(alt="")Management Services
Works directly with school district clients to deliver customized administrative support including, financial and long-range planning, legislative analysis, central business office functions, health, safety, and risk management services.

(alt="")School Support Services & Professional Development 

Provides professional development and technical assistance related to curriculum and instruction, services for students with disabilities, English Language Learners, technology integration, NYS learning standards, behavior, health, and youth development.


The WNYRIC is an information and learning technology service provider that delivers technical support, resources and solutions for school districts, communities, and various other partners to enhance learning and manage the total educational environment. 




(alt="")Alternative Education

Direct instruction for at-risk students in a structured environment that will allow students the opportunity to find success.

(alt="")Career & Technical Education

Delivering more than 30 career pathways for high school students and exploratory options for middle school students.

(alt="")Special Education

Provides specially designed instruction to students with disabilities, from ages five to 21, through a variety of programs and services designed to meet their individual needs.  

(alt="")Workforce Development

Short-term career training for adults. More than 25 in-demand programs. Funding and financial assistance available.



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