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Power Management

Regional Computer Power and End-Point Management Program
Sponsored by:  New York State Local Efficiency Grant
the Western New York BOCES

In October 2012 the four BOCES and 96 school districts of Western New York were awarded a local efficiency grant for $570,547 through Governor Cuomo’s office and the support of our local legislators to help districts reduce the cost of operating their computer systems through power management and end point management. 

The estimated savings for the districts 113,000 computers is estimated at approximately 1.5 million a year for power management alone.  When compounded with the savings realized by providing end point management, those savings reach almost $2 million annually.  That is money that helps districts contain tax increases and/or put money back into the classroom.

The BOCES and schools of Western New York  want to thank the Governor and the legislators for providing the funding and opportunity to make this happen.

The following documents are provided to help other regions and/or municipalities reproduce the results in their area. 

Supporting Documents:
Local Efficiency background Grant.pdf
Question & answer regarding Energy Conservation.pdf
Resolution Power Management District.pdf

Press Release: Press Release 1Press Release 2

Software Information
The software used for this program is IBM Endpoint Manager.  The link below will provide more information about the software.
Endpoint Manager
IBM Endpoint Manager_summary.pdf