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Applicant Tracking

The Web-based Applicant Tracking system provided by PowerSchool Group LLC (formerly People Admin - SearchSoft Solutions), allows districts to efficiently manage job applications and the hiring process by creating a paperless system. Districts use a Web-enabled software package and highly searchable database to collect, track and retrieve job applications. Employment candidates complete and submit their application to the district online. Candidates may also request to have their college credentials imported to the secure Applicant database by their College Placement offices. When job vacancies in the district arise, authorized school district personnel may use the system to post the positions for prospective applicants to view. Teacher Certified and Civil Service application modules are available.

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This Web application is available to all districts via the Internet. Data is stored on a server at the WNYRIC.

Districts build a certificated applicant database by encouraging online application through job postings, advertisement and notifications to college placement offices, etc. Each district can have a link to the system on their district website.

Optional Civil Service Application module available at cost.

Consortium agreement:

The Western New York consortium of Applicant Tracking schools make annual requests for form changes and help to determine the direction for enhancements to the system. Districts outside of the WNYRIC area can decide to join this consortium or begin a new consortium in their region. Each consortium must purchase a separate instance of the application to customize it for their region's needs.

Districts in the consortium must agree to share in marketing efforts and associated costs.

Possible additional charges for on-site consultation/training.







  1. Internet access for central office and building administrators.
  2. Agreement to use the existing common application and job posting form as determined by the region's consortium.
  3. At least one user license required per building plus central office license.







  1. Purchase at least one license for each building, plus a central administration office license.
  2. Designate a contact person for communication with the WNYRIC.
  3. Notify the WNYRIC if the contact person changes.
  4. Work toward consensus with other consortium members for all common system usage decisions.
  5. Require administrator attendance at training.
  6. Promote use of the system with district administrators, potential applicants and candidate resources (e.g. college placement offices).
  7. Share in the responsibility and cost of marketing, as determined by the consortium members.
  8. Maintain system security.
  9. Inform the WNYRIC of any problems, difficulties or training needs









  1. Support interactive, intuitive Web-based system for Applicant Tracking
  2. Offer Web-based documentation and HELP capability
  3. Supply User IDs and default passwords per district license
  4. Assist any user who forgets a password via an email registration facility
  5. Automatically notify appropriate parties via email throughout the application/hiring process
  6. Offer unlimited telephone support to answer questions or investigate problems
  7. Train College Placement office personnel to import candidate credentials to the secure Applicant Tracking software site.
  8. Liaison with vendor for additional problem resolution and change requests.
  9. Host district databases on a WNYRIC server, provide server maintenance, install software updates, perform nightly backups
  10. Provide Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity for Applicant Tracking and district data.
  11. Maintain documents common to all districts in the consortium, i.e. application, confirmation email and job posting form.
  12. Provide one day of district wide training in the first year as part of the support fee. In subsequent years, the WNYRIC will provide three hours of district wide online training.
  13. Provide a means for purchasing necessary hardware and software to be utilized with this service.
  14. WNYRIC Service desk is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For assistance, call (716) 821-7171 Option 2, 1-800-872-0780 Option 2, or e-mail us at
  15. RIC staff maintain strict confidentiality while performing their duties for this and all services

Data Backup: Applicant Tracker data is backed up each night using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). TSM backup data for this node is retained for at least 21 days. The WNYRIC tests restores once per year. Media condition is monitored regularly and media is replaced as needed. Any data that is backed up by the WNYRIC TSM service is backed up to disk (IBM DS storage in server room) using IBM TSM software and then an onsite and offsite tape copy are created. The offsite copy is taken to the WNYRIC storage site at a secure location in Western New York and the onsite is kept in the WNYRIC automated tape library at the service center.


The WNYRIC utilizes cost effective best practices determined by research that allows our experienced and trained technical staff to perform robust testing and support of the WNYRIC network in the areas of security, infrastructure, energy management, virtualization strategies, disaster recovery and business continuity. Therefore, we are able to be a district advocate for vendor contract issues and aggressively negotiate contract pricing and performance terms. 

Staff follow best practices in order to provide necessary security as it relates to the most recent student, teacher and principal data security and privacy regulations.

Service Desk can be reached Monday –Friday from 7:00 a.m. –  4:30 p.m. by calling (716) 821-7171, 1-800-872-0780 or by e-mail at  A representative will be available from 4:30 p.m. through 11:00 p.m to assist you with calls regarding emergency situations. During all other hours and holidays, a caller will receive important information regarding coverage.


"Staff follow best practices in order to provide necessary security as it relates to the most recent student data security and privacy regulations".