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The WinCap integrated financial/ human resource software can reside on a district-housed server or server hosted by the WNYRIC.


WinCap modules available are: Accounting, Payroll, Personnel/HR (Certification, Tenure, Seniority, Evaluations), Attendance, Benefits, Enhanced Reporting, Bidding, On-line Shopping & Electronic Ordering and Stock Requisitions/ Inventory.  Additional Web modules include: Professional Development and Event Registration System, Pay Authorizations, Employee Self Service, Web Requisitions, and Time & Attendance.










1. If the application is housed in the district, a Windows 2008 server and backup hardware.

2. An appropriate printer for reports and/or checks is required.

3. The district must be connected to the WNYRIC via Broadband.


  1. WinCap application software
  2. Windows 2008
  3. Citrix software for secure connectivity
  4. Backup software is required for district-housed servers


OTHER REQUIRED SERVICES (for district-housed application only)

  1. Remote backup service - 650.892

District Responsibilities:

District staff will:

  1. Maintain secure inventory of supplies.
  2. Notify WNYRIC of problems, difficulties or training needs.
  3. Purchase necessary hardware and software
  4. Designate system manager for communication between the WNYRIC and the district.
  5. Notify the WNYRIC when the contact or administrative persons for this service have changed.
  6. Report and transmit all necessary data to the appropriate agencies (including direct deposit files, civil service reports, W-2's, 1099's, 941, NYS-45, etc).
  7. Have procedure in place to restore database from daily backup source.
  8. Maintain district security.
  9. Update application tables as needed.
  10. Do monthly reconciliation by fund of cash balances, expenditures, revenue, and accounts receivable subsidiaries.

If district has chosen to house the server at the district, additional District Responsibilities are:

  1. Provide hardware maintenance and upgrades for the server.
  2. Purchase of Remote Backup Service is required.
  3. Perform daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups of the district's database, and provide off-site storage of backup media.
  4. Have procedure in place to restore database from daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual backup source.


WNYRIC Responsibilities / SLA:

WNYRIC support staff will:

  1. Provide a means for purchasing necessary hardware and software to be utilized with this service
  2. Assure that WNYRIC staff maintain strict confidentiality while performing their duties for this service. Staff follow best practices in order to provide necessary security as it relates to the most recent financial data security and privacy regulations. WNYRIC staff have access to district data but make no changes unless written authorization is received from district.
  3. Provide a means for purchasing necessary checks and supplies to be utilized with the modules of WinCap
  4. Assist with disaster recovery plan if there is a critical hardware or software failure
  5. Provide assistance with conversion from other software and import of prior data, when possible
  6. Encourage deep implementation of as many software modules and features as can be helpful to the efficiency of the district.
  7. Software and operating system updates are verified on all WinCap servers weekly.
  8. Provide assistance by phone with unique and complex situations
  9. WNYRIC Service Desk is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

If district has chosen the RIC Hosted Solution, additional WNYRIC Responsibilities are to:

  1. House the district's application and data on a server located at the WNYRIC, saving the district expenses of cooling, power, UPS, tape backup, and monitoring.
  2. Utilize a mandatory maintenance window every Thursday evening from 5 to 7pm for hardware maintenance and upgrades for the server and installation of any software updates
  3. Provide the Remote Backup service, which is included in the RIC Hosting Fee
  4. Maintain the Windows operating system on the WinCap Server
  5. Provide Disaster Recovery coverage at a site outside Western NY

Training and Support:

  1. Phone support by WNYRIC staff.
  2. Three days of training and/or in-district support are included each year. Training may be conducted via telephone, web conferencing calls, at a WNYRIC site or in district.
  3. Additional training days available at a per diem rate

Backup of Data:

  1. For those districts that subscribe to the Remote Backup service either directly or through the RIC Hosting Option, their WinCap financial databases and related necessary files are backed up twice each night using 1: Local File backup and 2: Remote Backup.  The WNYRIC keeps a rotating 5 days on each data server, and replicate weekly to each other (Three DB servers total). The WNYRIC tests restores once per year and we replaces media once/year. Any data that is backed up by our Remote Backup service is backed up to disk storage in the WNYRIC data center using enterprise level backup software and then an onsite and offsite encrypted tape copy are created. The offsite copy is taken to the WNYRIC storage site at a secure location in Western New York and the onsite is kept in the WNYRIC automated tape library at the data center. The Remote Backup data is retained for 21 days.



  1. WNYRIC documentation and accessibility to the User Documentation on the vendor website.
  2. Two user meetings annually
  3. Multiple user workshops throughout the year


The WNYRIC utilizes cost effective best practices determined by research that allows
our experienced and trained technical staff to perform robust testing and support of the
WNYRIC network in the areas of security, infrastructure, energy management,
virtualization strategies, disaster recovery and business continuity. Therefore,we are able
to be a district advocate for vendor contract issues and aggressively negotiate contract
pricing and performance terms.

Staff follow best practices in order to provide necessary security as it relates to the most
recent student, teacher and principal data security and privacy regulations.

Service Desk can be reached Monday –Friday from 7:00 a.m. –  4:30 p.m. by calling
(716) 821-7171, 1-800-872-0780 or by e-mail at servicedesk  A representative
will be available from 4:30 p.m. through 11:00 p.m to assist you with calls regarding
emergency situations. During all other hours and holidays, a caller will receive important
information regarding coverage.



As described




Rene McDaniel

(716) 821-7144