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Labor Relations - Level 1 (Labor Relations/Personnel)

This service provides access to Labor Relations Services staff for advice and assistance with labor and personnel relations matters, including at the table negotiations.

Available to component and non-component districts.




















Base service offers:

  • Access to comparative data for use in collective bargaining negotiations with district personnel (through password protected online site).
  • Telephone consultation and information on specific labor relations and personnel issues such as appointments, seniority, tenure, reductions in force, preferred eligibility rights, employee discipline, civil service law requirements.
  • Analysis of existing or proposed contract language.
  • Advice and assistance with contract administration, interpretation and response to grievances.
  • Staff development on general topics such as progressive discipline, tenure and seniority rights, layoff and recall, FMLA, ADA, sexual harassment.
  • Periodic updates on court and administrative decisions, new legislation impacting labor relations or personnel relations issues.

 Additional Services:

  • Representation of the district in collective bargaining, including evaluation of existing agreements and preparation of proposals and counter-proposals; at the table negotiations; drafting of new contract language and MOAs; representation of the district in impasse procedures, including mediation and fact-finding.
  • Representation of the district in arbitration.
  • Representation of the district in improper practices, unit placement/clarification and other PERB matters.
  • Representation of the district in CSL §75 hearings, or service as §75 hearing officer.
  • Service as a §71 or §73 hearing officer.
  • Impartial investigations of suspected or alleged employee misconduct.























Base rate: $9,600/district; additional services $160/hour in addition to base rate




Daniel J. D'Amico, Director

(716) 821-7199