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Labor Relations - Level 2 (Student Relations)

This service provides access to Labor Relations Services staff for advice and assistance with student relations issues, including serving as a hearing officer for various matters pertaining to students or student information.

Available to component and non-component districts.

Level 2 requires participation in Level 1.

Base service offers:

  • Telephone consultation and information on specific pupil personnel issues such as residency, procedures for short and long term suspension of students (including students with disabilities), FERPA, reasonable accommodations/modifications under Section 504 and the ADA, and discipline for off-campus conduct.
  • Periodic updates on notable court and administrative decisions or new legislation impacting pupil personnel issues.
  • Staff development on general student relations issues, such as student discipline procedures, search and seizure, confidentiality of student information and records, Dignity for All Students Act.

Additional Services:

  • Labor Relations Services staff to conduct:
    • Hearings for long-term suspension of students under Education Law ยง3214
    • Hearings for in-district review of determination made by school official that student is not a resident of the district
    • Hearings to consider parental requests for religious exemption to immunization requirements
    • Hearings to consider parental challenges to content of student education records under FERPA
    • Impartial investigations of suspected or alleged student misconduct.

Level 2 requires participation in Level 1


Base rate: $6,600/district; additional services $155/hour in addition to base rate




Daniel J. D'Amico, Director

(716) 821-7199