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Quarterly Policy Revisions and Updates - Level 2

In addition to receiving Monthly Policy Updates, districts will receive a quarterly summary of recommended revisions to existing district policies based on review of changes in federal and state laws, Commissioner's Regulations and SED guidance. Revised policies will be included with the quarterly summary with changes highlighted in the text of the policy for ease of board of education review. Materials will be provided electronically. This service will provide timely and comprehensive information to ensure districts are able to revise and maintain their own Policy Manuals.

Districts may choose to combine this service with the new Online Policy Manual service. This service allows districts to have their Policy Manual placed in a secure online document library which will be maintained by Policy Services. The Online Policy Manual will be linked to the district's existing website to allow access by the school community. (Refer to the description for the Online Policy Manual for further details).






Four times per year, three documents are sent by email in Quarterly Policy Revisions:

1. A cover letter explaining the rationale for each revision;

2. A packet of policies with "tracked" revisions for easy review;

3. A "clean" copy of the same policies for ease of district editing and printing (cut and paste newly adopted/revised language into existing policies within the Policy Manual).

A sample of the Quarterly Policy Revisions is available at (under the Quick Link for Policy Services) or by request. This allows districts the opportunity to view this product prior to selection of this service. 

The district will provide Erie 1 BOCES Policy Services staff with current contact information (the full names and titles, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) of designated district officials who should receive the Quarterly Policy Revisions and Monthly Policy Updates. The district must contact Policy Services immediately if this information changes to ensure uninterrupted receipt of the Quarterly Policy Revisions and Monthly Updates.

This service is designed for districts that maintain their own Policy Manuals. The combination of the Monthly Policy Updates and Quarterly Policy Revisions will enable districts to keep the manuals up-to-date following the development of a new Policy Manual. Districts should develop and follow a system of periodic policy review using of the Quarterly Policy Revisions and the Monthly Policy Updates to ensure that the Policy Manuals remain compliant with law and regulation.

Policy Services will email the Quarterly Policy Revisions four times per year to alert districts to the most important changes in state and federal laws and regulations affecting existing district policies. Policy Services provides guidance and instructions to assist districts in updating and maintaining their Policy Manual using Quarterly Policy Revisions.

Each district will also be assigned a specific policy coordinator who will be available to answer district questions and/or supply sample policies as requested. Guidance is also available on how to process the Quarterly Policy Revisions on the Erie 1 BOCES website or upon request.

Current and past Quarterly Policy Revisions are available in a password protected location on the Erie 1 BOCES website for participating districts.






Janell Hallgren

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