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New Visions: 1-Year Programs for Honors Level Seniors
The Erie 1 BOCES New Visions program connects qualified, highly-motivated high school seniors with mentoring professionals in the workplace and with local colleges/universities. These competitive, off-site programs integrate required English and Social Studies credits with targeted studies at locations such as Canisius College, Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and The Buffalo Zoo.
More information is available by calling (716) 961 - 4014, or by speaking with your school guidance counselor.
NV Programs Available at E1B
Application Process
Application packets must include:
  1. High School Transcripts include Junior grades to date (Q's 1 and 2)
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation (1 counselor, 1 teacher)
  3. Statement of Career Interest in essay form

Send Completed Application Packet to:
        Terence Ruh
        Principal, Erie 1 BOCES Satellite CTE Programs
        Harkness Career & Technical Center
        99 Aero Drive
        Cheektowaga, New York 14225
Terry Ruh
(716) 961 - 4070

Health-Related Careers
Millard Fillmore Suburban
Shatonia Thornton
(716) 961 - 4070

Buffalo General Medical Center
Christine Tillman
(716) 961 - 4070

Legal Academy
Jennifer Steiner 
(716) 961 - 4070

Zoo Wildlife & Conservation Careers
Leigh Ziemczonek
(716) 961 - 4070
Connections: Health Related Careers

Zoo Wildlife & Conservation Careers
Legal Academy

Frequently Asked Questions
Through this program you will expand your knowledge in a chosen career path where you will develop a “New Vision”. This “New Vision” will help you make an informed decision on your future.
  • Highly Motivated
  • Academically Strong in the field of study (ie Health Careers & Zoo-Science)
  • College-Bound Seniors
  • Demonstrated Strength in English and Communication Skills
  • Independent and Team Player

Terry Ruh
(716) 961 - 4014

Students will initially spend about 6 weeks in the classroom establishing foundational knowledge in their program.  They'll then start to work with mentors in the field.  They'll spend some of their school week working alongside these professionals to gain a broader understanding of the field and the work that's involved.  The classroom will remain a homebase for students and the class will continue to meet regularly as a group to reflect on their experiences and gain deeper knowledge.  Typically, students in the Connections programs will conduct all mentorship experiences onsite at either the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus or Millard Fillmore Hospital.  Students in Legal Academy and Business, Management, and Marketing will be expected to travel to a series of intership experiences within the community.

  • Allows you to gain a first-hand knowledge of your chosen career that most students only get in their junior and senior year of college.
  • Builds a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for your future career.
  • Allows you to experience various areas in your desired  profession to make an informed decision for future college plans. Ie Legal Academy-DA’s Office, Political Offices, Law Enforcement
  • Colleges often look for rich career experiences upon application.
  • Allows you gain contacts in your future career area.