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Arts in Education
The Erie 1 BOCES Arts in Education (AIE) service provides opportunities for component districts to access diverse arts resources for their educators and students. These opportunities allow students to explore different cultural areas of interest in Western New York, while never leaving their classrooms. Partners have a number of different presentations for students. One may include a traveling trunk filled with artifacts, where another might include an art performance. 
Exploratory Enrichment
The Exploratory Enrichment program allows students to visit areas of cultural significance in the area for a first hand learning experience that ties in with the Next Generation learning standards. With some of our partners, Erie 1 BOCES staff developers can help support students and staff in a 4 day experience, both on-site and in the classroom for students to experience collaborative intensive learning, using Model Schools days. Partners with the Exploratory Enrichment program span a wide variety of curriculum areas and Erie 1 BOCES is happy to help teachers identify the best program for their students.
Forms and Partners
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Arts in Education Request Form

Contact Information
Deborah Schweigert
Arts in Education/Exploratory Enrichment Secretary
Phone: (716) 821-7188


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