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Credit Recovery Programs
The Part 100 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education require that every public school student in New York State be provided an opportunity to receive instruction in order to achieve the goals set by the New York State Learning Standards (Learning Standards).

These Learning Standards, or learning expectations, are organized into seven general curriculum areas: English language arts; mathematics, science, and technology; social studies; languages other than English; the arts; health, physical education, and family and consumer sciences; and career development and occupational services. State assessments measure a student’s achievement of the Learning Standards’ goals for the elementary level (end of fourth grade), the intermediate level (end of eighth grade), and the commencement level (when a student should graduate with a high school diploma). An alternate performance level is set for achievement for students with severe
disabilities. A student’s achievement of the New York State Department of Education’s (Department) Learning Standards in an area reflects mastery of the subject. High school students typically demonstrate mastery of a subject by passing an exam (if applicable, a Regents exam) at the end of the course, thereby receiving credit for the course. If a student is unable to complete a course satisfactorily, the student can earn credit for the course by participating in one of the make-up credit programs, as listed in Section 100.5(d)8 of the New York State Commissioner of Education’s Regulations

(Regulations). Such programs may include (but are not limited to) repeating an entire course during the school year, retaking the course in a summer school program, receiving intensive instruction in the deficiency areas of the course, or participating in digital learning (online study). To receive credit, the student must successfully complete one of these make-up credit programs and demonstrate mastery of the subject by passing the Regents examination in the subject or some other assessment required for graduation.