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RSE-TASC logo The Western Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center (RSE-TASC), at Erie 1 BOCES is part of a statewide professional development network for special education that is coordinated by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Its charge is to provide staff development, technical assistance and information to faculty, staff, administrators, families and community agencies within the component school districts of WNY, including the Erie 1 BOCES region.

The RSE-TASC office provides training on a wide variety of topics related to students with disabilities from pre-school to adulthood, with particular focus on student achievement and compliance with regulations pertaining to students with disabilities. RSE-TASC also maintains a print and video library, including publications from the State Education Department. Publications and mandatory documents may also be accessed at

RSE-TASC provides staff development and support to the school districts identified by NYSED through participation in a quality improvement process. An additional responsibility of RSE-TASC is to provide technical assistance related to the State Performance Plan (SPP). The SPP is a federally required plan utilizing rigorous performance targets to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. The Regional Special Education Technical Assistance and Support Center, as a technical assistance network for special education is configured in two parts.

Part 1

Part 1 provides regional support and is located at Erie 1 BOCES. The regional office houses the coordinator and regional trainers who provide support specific to special education regulations, bilingual issues, behavior, transition and non-district educational agencies.

Part 2

Part 2 is specific to each of the BOCES regions of WNY, including Erie 1, Erie 2- Chautauqua-Cattaraugus, Orleans-Niagara, Cattaraugus-Allegheny, and the city of Buffalo. Each Part 2 office has Special Education School Improvement Specialists (SESIS), whose role is to provide assistance to districts within the BOCES region designated as At-Risk, In Need of Assistance or In Need of Intervention. Work in these districts provided by the SESIS will focus on the Quality Improvement Process (QIP)

Register for an event

To register for an event, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the “Register for events” page for School Support Services
  2. Scroll through the Calendar to find your event
    Click on the Orange “Search Events” button (to see a List of all workshops)
    Type in Date and click "Go" (if you know the date)
    Change View Tools to see by week view or list view
A. Yes, to update or cancel your registration, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the Erie 1 BOCES Events Calendar page
  2. Click the Yellow “Update Your Registration” button to Change or Cancel your registration
  3. If needed, click on the "Update a Registration" button near the top left of the page
  4. Input the required information and click "Submit"

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please call Sue Ann Coburn at (716) 821-7542, Jean O'Leary at (716) 821-7543, or Leanne Poweski at (716) 821-7544.

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