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Advisory Groups

Advisory Council:  The Western New York Regional Information Center Advisory Council serves as an advisory body relative to all policies, plans, and activities of the Western New York Regional Information Center.  The Advisory Council assists the School Districts and BOCES in the region in enhancing the use of the technology as an administrative tool, an instructional tool, and as an object for instruction in the curriculum.  In general, the activities of the Council fall into the following categories:

• Communication
• Planning
• Policy Issues

Members are appointed by the District Superintendent of the BOCES region. Categories for members are:

•District Superintendent
•Component district superintendent
•School district management servers user
•School district instructional representative (2)
•Instructional technology representative

WNYRIC Standards Committee: The Western New York Regional Information Center (WNYRIC) Standards Committee is established to assist the WNYRIC in determining exactly which network platforms, computer platforms and operating system software, tools/utility software, and other emerging growth technologies can be supported through BOCES Administrative Computing Services (COSER 7710) or Instructional Technology Services (COSER 6360), under the overall control and guidance of the WNYRIC Chapter 793 Plan.   Standards Committee members assist the WNYRIC staff with research and development activities and forward recommendations to the WNYRIC Advisory Council for final approval.

FICA:  Forum for Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment is a collaborative among the BOCES in the WNYRIC JMT region. The group consists of instructional leaders from each of the BOCES including representation from staff and curriculum development, model schools and school library systems. The group meets to discuss local BOCES instructional initiatives in an effort to share information, expertise and programs to school districts throughout the JMT region. In addition, WNYRIC staff provides information on new and expanded services especially where a combined BOCES/WNYRIC shared service delivery model provides for more cohesive service to the school districts we support.

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