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A Service for WNYRIC Data Warehouse Users

Example charts and graphsTo quote an old cliché, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  The Western New York Regional Information Center (WNYRIC) Data Warehouse team knows this adage is true for data as well.  

WNYRIC Data Warehouse Users can take their data to the next level by taking advantage of new interactive Scatterplot reports. Selecting either publicly released aggregate graduation data or assessment performance levels, users can utilize the Scatterplot reports to compare a district, school and/or subgroup’s data to others in New York state.

WNYRIC offers data collection and reporting services to components districts, charters, BOCES, and non-public schools as well as the Buffalo City School District, Rochester City School District and districts within five other Regional Information Centers in New York.

“We use this rich source of data to offer a wide variety of reporting and are always looking for ways to enhance what is available,” said Maggie Maloney, manager of WNYRIC Data Warehousing and Test Scoring Services.

“With our most recent software upgrade, we are now offering interactive data visualizations and dashboards to our user community. Do you need to analyze student enrollment data? How about daily attendance data (i.e. chronic absenteeism)? Do you need to review performance trends for Regents data or grade 3-8 assessment data? We’ve created interactive visualizations and dashboards for these," said Maloney. 

“Why download data to Excel to create charts for presentations or buy another software application for interactive dashboards and visualizations when WNYRIC may already offer it as part of the data warehouse base service? And, if we don’t offer it, perhaps it’s something we can develop.” 

If your organization currently uses data warehouse services, WNYRIC invites you to check out these new interactive reports.  Go to the WNYRIC Dataview Portal and log in using the link for “Regional DW Reports.” Once logged in, use the path Team Content > 0.3 Visualizations. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the interactive Scatterplot reports via Team Content > Publicly Released Graduation and Assessment Data.

If you want to learn more about data visualizations, please contact the WNYRIC Data Warehouse Support Team at  Or, if after trying them, you have additional ideas to share, send an email to the same address or contact Maloney directly at 716-821-7466.   

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