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The WNY School Application System
"Schools work together in the best interests of children."               

The WNYSchool Application System is a consortium of schools brought together to offer an on-line application process to prospective teachers and administrators. Applicants complete a thorough application which is stored in a shared database. Documents such as resumes, transcripts, and letters of recommendation can be attached to the application.

When the application is complete, the applicant receives confirmation via email. Districts post positions on the site and applicants can attach their documents to any posting or leave it in the general database. Individual districts can only see applications where the applicant has explicitly checked that district. Each of the districts in the consortium use query tools to access their data and find the best match for positions.

Currently the school districts involved are listed below (the list is continuously growing). To learn more about any of these school districts, click on the desired school name to access its website.

Did You Know?

An Application will stay active for 180 days before it changes to an in-active status (not visible to districts). Please make sure to review your application on a periodic basis to keep it updated.

If your application does change to inactive, you will receive an email and be prompted to re-activate your application during your next session in the system.


For a Status of your Application, contact the District to which you've applied.

Helpful Hint of the Month


Have you created a Certified or Classified application, but meant to do the other? As an applicant, you can switch application types or create a blended application. To do this, login to your application, go to the General Information page, and select Change Type under the Applicant Type section. When the new page opens, an applicant can change the Applicant Type or select both Certified and Classified. Also, don't forget to click "Save and Next" at the bottom of the page to confirm your selection.

Please contact Carolyn (716) 821-7065 with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
A. Begin by selecting Applicant Login located on the top of the Applicant Tracking page. Next, select Create New account, which is located in the middle of the page. The Add Appplicant page will then be displayed. When completing, make sure to select the correct Applicant Type. If you wish to create both a Certified and Classified application, please see the following FAQ. After completing the Add Applicant page, click Save and Next, and then proceed filling out the application.   
A. An applicant can have both a Certified and Classified application. This can be accomplished by a user after initially selecting either Certified or Classified on the Add Applicant page (when first setting up your account). 

To change the Applicant Type, the user must click on their Application tab and use the the pull down menu (right-side of the page) to select the General Information page.

On the General Information page, the user needs to click Change Type under the Applicant Type section. A display box for Certified and Classified will appear. The user may check one or both of these boxes along with the Save and Next button to confirm the change.

A. Resume, cover letter, unofficial transcripts, letters of recommendation, copies of certification, and other documents can be scanned and placed on the Attachments page of your online application. For best results, scan documents at 70-75 DPI, choose an appropriate format (PDF, TIF, TIFF, DOC, JPG), and make sure that the documents do not exceed 1 MB. Please note, read all postings carefully as school districts may require specific documents be attached to your online application.
A. The District page of your online application lets you decide what school districts can see your application. Make sure to check the box next to the school districts and click Save and Next. School districts can view your application when you apply for a job or through anonymous searches. It's best to continously update your online application.
A. Your online application will expire after 180 days of inactivity. Those applications that expire can be reactivated by logging into the system and following the simple directions.
A. Your Applicant ID is located on the General Information page of your application. When you log in, click on the Application tab, then use the pull-down menu at the top of the screen to change your current page to General Information. Your Applicant ID is located towards the bottom of the General information page under Account Information.
A. Visit your college career center with your Applicant ID. Each participating college has been given software to attach your Confidential Placement folder to your online application. Your information is encrypted as scanned and loaded directly to your application.  College costs for this service may vary; see your career center for more information.
A. The General Information page of your application has a section at the top that states, Confidential Placement Folders received? There will be a Yes after the statement if the file has been attached. A blank/empty space after the statement means no information has been attached.
A. Your Confidential Placement Folder only needs to be attached once. If new documents are added to it, you may wish to contact your college career center and have it resent.
A. Please send an email to requesting that your college be included in the system. If a school district that does not participate requests your Confidential Placement Folder, have your college send a paper copy.
A. Applicants cannot see their Confidential Placement Folder. The General Information page of your application will inform you if your Confidential Placement Folder has been attached.
Please contact us for more information.

Applicant Tracking School Districts



Cleveland Hill


Dunkirk City




Reach Academy Charter School

Royalton Hartland CSD

Alexander East Aurora Ken-Ton Salamanca City

Alfred Almond

Allegany Limestone




Enterprise Charter School

King Center Charter School

Lackawanna City  

Lake Shore


Silver Creek 

South Buffalo Charter School



Autism Services, Inc.

Baker Victory Services


Bemus Point


Erie 1 BOCES










Lewiston Porter

Lockport City




Mount Morris


Springville GI

St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute

St. Mary's School for the Deaf 

Stanley G. Falk School 

Sweet Home

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School  Gateway-Longview Newfane Tapestry Charter School
Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart Global Concepts Charter School Niagara Charter School The ARC of Erie County NY

Buffalo Collegiate Charter School 

Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center

Buffalo United Charter School  


Grand Island

Gustavus Adolphus Learning Center


Niagara Falls

Niagara Wheatfield

North Collins  

North Tonawanda

The Summit Center

Tonawanda City


Wayland Cohocton



Cantalician Center

Cassadaga Valley 

Cattaraugus-Little Valley 


Health Science Charter School

Henrietta G. Lewis Campus School (Wyndham Lawn)

Oakfield Alabama


Orchard Park

Orleans Niagara BOCES 

Westfield Academy & Central School

West Seneca

West Valley

Charter School for Applied Technologies  

Charter School of Inquiry

Chautauqua Lake

Cheektowaga Central








Persistence Preparatory Academy Charter School

Pine Valley


Westminster Community Charter School